•    Bayantel Hotline 3002000   

    I am currently in a love and hate situation with Bayantel. If you are wondering why, here’s my story:

    It was noontime Yesterday that I arrived in my apartment, I was excited to open my computer and go online because I wasn’t able to, for 2 days. But then, I noticed my Modem was broken; it won’t turn on. So, I decided to just bring it to Bayantel Center here in Iloilo, located at Robinson’s Place Iloilo for them to just change it with a new one, if proven it is broken. To my dismay, they don’t do technical things in there. However, to confirm my report, the woman plugged my modem into their power supply. She went back to me asking “Maam, how do you know it is broken? Is there lights that turns on?” I was a bit confused in why these employees of Bayantel, doesn’t know how their products look like. As much as I would want to be sarcastic, I was able to calm myself and simply answered her “Yes.” Then she proceeded typing something on her computer and told me, “Maam, I just filed a report. The support team will be checking your modem within 24 hours and if there’s any problem, you could just call our hotline 3002000.” So, I just went home and waited.

    Today, at about 3 in the afternoon, I called up the Bayantel Hotline 3002000 because for me, life in the City is really boring without an internet. The support answered, and I told what happened yesterday. Shockingly, the support told me that there were no report logged from my account stating that said problem, so she just wrote a report and told me to wait within 24 hours. I sat and frowned, as I could not seem to wait anymore longer to have my net back. After 8 minutes, someone knocked on my door. To my surprise, it is the support team. I happily let them into my small room and they checked my modem. They discovered that the plug was broken, so they changed it to a new one. Before leaving, one of the support told me, that my Bayantel WiFi was the first one installed in a household here in Iloilo.

    Lesson Learned: Better call support than waste time going to Bayantel Center.

  •    New Face of Facebook   

    Just a minute ago, I logged in on Facebook and saw my friend had updated his Facebook profile looks. So, I updated mine as well.

    I love it.

    Of course, just like any updates, different reactions from its users. There are some like me who loves it, others doesn’t.

  •    About.Me   

    About.com has proven its effectiveness by giving us information we need about things, and now there is “About.Me.”

    A friend introduced me to this site saying that I should reserved my name or nick. The domain is just so catchy to pass. I reserved my nick “Babsy.” Today I received an email from them saying I am one of the first to be invited to use the page.

    I haven’t done much as of the moment but here is my About.Me page: Babsy

    The content of email:

    You’re among the first we’re inviting to build and launch your about.me profile. Bear with us as we fix remaining issues.

    We’re excited you’re now part of our exclusive Partner, Friends & Family launch.

    To get started, CLICK HERE: http://about.me/invited_user/f0d45bc1ce7a3a0d2aa3

    Check out these example profiles:







    Once you have your profile set up, add a link to profile in your email signature. Let everyone know about your new profile via Twitter & Facebook.

    Third: give your colleagues, friends & family a heads up so they can reserve their profile URL (before someone else does). Just point them to this link and they can reserve their name at about.me .

    Ryan, Luke, Alex, Tony, Pascal, Nathan, Jake, Tim, & Shawn

  •    The New Adsense   

    Yes! Adsense have a new look and I am loving it!

    “The new AdSense has been designed to help you manage your account more efficiently, offer you deeper insights about your site’s revenue, and give you more control over the ads you show. A few of the new things you can do include:

    • Make changes to your ad units in bulk by visiting the My ads tab
    • Compare your performance this month and last month under the Performance reports tab
    • Visit the Allow & block ads tab to block categories of ads

    Want to learn more about the new interface? Visit google.com/ads/newadsense

    It is currently in Beta phase. Check it out!

  •    BurnAware Free   

    I just want you to know that I am so HAPPY I found BurnAware!

    I was looking for a software that could help me shrink the files I have and create it into a DVD-video. With the built it burner of Windows 7 out of the 22 videos I have, it only would fit 5 videos in one 4.7 GB blank DVD. So it means I would be using 5 blank DVDs to complete the 22 videos. However, with the BurnAware, specifically the free one, I burned all 22 files into one 4.7 GB blank DVD.

    Imagine how much I saved on this free software! I recommend this to all the people who were having the same problem as me. After all, being an SEO means having to save a lot of files and we don’t want a slow PC do we? So we need to store it somewhere else and USB flash disc would be too expensive.

  •    SEO Hacker School   

    Learn Basic SEO from SEO Hacker for FREE and it starts on December 1.

    REGISTER NOW, only 500 slots available. First come, first served.

  •    Blogger Template Designer   

    I logged into my blogger account awhile ago and I noticed an alert about the new Blogger Template Designer.

    Check this:

    Looks great, isn’t it?

    Get on your blogger account now and explore this new option. ENJOY!

  •    What is Your Toughest Job?   

    Are you a Filipino? Do you think you have the toughest job? If so, you are on the right page. Be proud of your job and let everyone know why you think your job is the toughest.

    DEADLINE OF SUBMISSION of entries is on July 15, 2010


    • Go to http://www.toughjobsphilippines.com/

    • Register

    • Check your email to see if registration was successful
    • Log in

    • Submit entry

    Note of the Following
    Mechanics of the competition:

    1. HOW TO JOIN: Contest runs from May 26 to August 21, 2010.
    2. Register at the official contest website, www.toughjobsphilippines.com
    3. A verification/confirmation email shall be sent to the specified email address.
    4. Alaxan sampler pack and cellphone cleaner shall be given to each registrant to the site
    5. The most number of votes online will win in the competition
    6. A registrant can be either :
    1. Nominating a friend to be tough job contestant
    2. Nominee

    1. REDEMPTION OF ALAXAN SAMPLER PACK: Sampler packs can be claimed at the nearest Watson’s store
    2. The bearer must present the verification email as proof and show valid ID for verification.

    1. WHO CAN JOIN? Any Filipino of legal age, including OFs, good moral character
    2. Nominations are accepted from May 26 to August 21, 2010
    3. Entries from exploitative and unsafe workplaces will be disqualified.
    4. All finalists will be screened and approved by DOLE.

    1. CONTEST PRIZE: Winner shall be determined by the most number of votes online
    2. The winner shall be announced on August 25, 2010
    3. HE or She will receive Php20,000 in cash and trophy (the trophy will be the miniature of the monument) and shall be awarded by Manny Pacquiao himself.

    • *** IMPORTANT STEP*** Send an email TO contest@pinayseo.com with a SUBJECT “What is Your Toughest Job?

    • Attach your photo while doing your job – showing why it is the toughest job
    • On the email body, indicate your Full Name, Occupation, explaination on why your job is the toughest job and a link to your entry ( example: http://www.toughjobsphilippines.com/toughjobs/## ).

    Aside from the main contest, I will be choosing top 3 tough jobs from the entries submitted to my email.


    • Tough jobs T-shirts
    • Cellphone cleaners
    • Alaxan FR’s sample packs

    An email will be sent to winners and prizes will be delivered.

    TIP: Promote your entry page thru your blog or social media sites like Facebook and Twitter.


  •    Are You the Philippines’ Smartest Driver?   

    I remember the time when a friend had a blog post stating that women are worst drivers in the world, and I as a woman and a driver just cant help but react to that statement. In doing so, I did my online research and had proven that women are better drivers according but not limited to an MSN Autos article entitled “Who are better drivers: Men or Women?”

    Top Gear and Pilipinas Shell is introducing their new project, which is a search entitled “Are you the Philippines’ Smartest Driver?” The winning driver will join the team Philippines in the first-ever Shell Eco-Marathon Asia.

    Who could join?

    • Anyone who has a valid driver’s license is eligible to join.

    What to do?

    • Shoot a video, showing how your driving techniques minimize your fuel consumption and end it by completing the phrase “Ang Pinoy na matipid sa gasolina, _____.”
    • Log on to www.topgear.com.ph/shellsmartestdrivers and upload your fuel saving video. Submission of entries is from May 20, 2010 to June 20, 2010.

    What’s in it for me?

    • Everyone who joins gets a premium item from Shell.
    • Ten Finalist will be awarded with fuel vouchers from Shell worth Php 10,000 and will be invited to a fuel economy boot camp on June 26, 2010. They will go through driving challenge and two drivers who are most fuel efficient will be the Philippines’ Smartest Drivers.
    • They will join the Team Philippines from University of Santo Tomas, Mapua Institute of Technology and Don Bosco Technological College in the first ever Shell Eco-Marathon Asia in Malaysia.
    • Have a chance to win a fuel efficient car.

    For almost ten years of being a driver, here are a few of my Fuel saving tips:

    • Turn off car air-condition when not necessarily needed.
    • Remove extra items in your car. More weight means more fuels burn.
    • Drive slowly.
    • Check tire pressure.

    Now, we know the answer to “Who the Better Drivers are,” but will it be different from “Who the Smartest Drivers are?”

  •    iBlog 6 Experience   

    A two day experience for iBlog. Though it was the same venue last year, I still had a hard time looking for it the first day.

    The second day, I was accompanied by my cousin.